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Below you can find the sizing guide for the t-shirts currently on sale. 

A small amount of product testing has revealed the men's t-shirts to be fairly tight around the shoulders and arms but will stretch, while the women's top sizes to be pretty accurate.

The colour of the women's t-shirt is a round neck one, not too high and not too low, while it is fitted around the hips. The men's tops will be equally comfortable for women who prefer that straight style.

Size Guide (centimetres)


Size    L    W

S       70    46

M      73    51

L        75    56

XL      77    59

XXL     79   63


Size      L       W

XS(8)    59     41

S(10)    61     43

M(12)    62    46

L(14)     64     47

XL(16)    65    51

XXL(18)  66   53